Saturday, 28 May 2011

King Resigns

So the rumours were true. Steve King has officially resigned from his post as the manager of Farnborough FC.

So is the King on his way to Lewes to make a return. The club still haven't made an announcement but one is expected at any time today and Mr King has been spotted in Lewes by several people last night, perhaps finishing off the deal and signing the crucial contract?

A stetement on Farnborough's website read:

 Farnborough Football Club can confirm that Steve King has resigned as manager of the club with immediate effect.

The club wish to express our thanks to Steve for the success that he has brought to the club on the pitch during his tenure, and would like to wish him every success in the future.

The clubs search for a new manager has already begun and in view of our desire to be well placed for pre season the club would like to appoint a suitable applicant expediently.

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