Thursday, 26 May 2011

Lewes To Chose New Manager By Weekend

Lewes have released a statement saying that the decision on a new manager should be made by the weekend. Rooks fans had been expecting to know the identity of their new manager by Thursday, but Lewes have come out and told the fans not to worry, they just want to take their time over an important decision.

It is thought that there were 25 applicants for the job, a mixture of experience and new prospects. This has lead to lots of speculation as to who has applied:

Steve King; despite Steve still working for Farnborough and the board there coming out and saying that he will be staying for another year, it is largely believed that he has applied for the Lewes job as the club is in his heart and he lives in Eastbourne. Many Rooks fans would love the prospect of seeing many ex-rooks back at the club, however he creates a divide in the club with his marmite mentality.

Simon Wormull; Ex- Lewes player has recently retired from playing football after a serious injury. We all know that Simon Wormull has lewes in his heart, having won the conference south with them back in 2008 under Steve King.

Simon Colbran; He has worked on a tight budget at Worthing before and is now ready to take the job according to a certain ex-assistant manager at Lewes. He has supposedly persuaded striker Paul Botth to join him as well as keeping Wheeler and bringing in new exiting players from around Sussex.

Danny Cullip; Ex Brighton, QPR and Lewes player. He would have very good links with Brighton as well as a lot of experience with the game itself, but not neccisarily the managerial side of things.

These are the suspected four candidates that will have been interviewed in front of the whole Lewes board on wednesday with a decision expected to be made by the weekend.

This is what Ibbo had to say on the situation: “We had interviews on Friday and Monday when we saw nine people. We would have preferred to have seen less but there were a lot of candidates who were worth seeing.
“The idea was to narrow that down to a shortlist of two or three that the full board would see and make a decision from there.
“We saw the nine and there were a number who were worth putting before the full board so rather than a shortlist of two or three it has been increased to definitely four, possibly five but probably four.
“There are some really good people we have seen.
“The procedure so far has gone very smoothly. The most important thing now is to get the right person.”

One thing is for certain, with each of the front runners, Lewes are bound to have exiting times a head. 

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