Sunday, 29 May 2011

Was King Be-headed?

Yesterday it was announced that Farnborough manager Steve King had resigned from the club with immediate effect. However Steve King claims that infact him and his assistant Justin Skinner were sacked following a fall out with the chairman over money issues and full time problems.

It is widely known that Farnborough fans are not too happy with their chairman for not being able to control the budget properly and it has now come about that he ould not give King the same budget as last year and he wanted Steve King to become a part time manager, King disagreed with this which lead to his sacking.

King has been accused of putting the future of a club in danger before by over spending. When at Lewes, under previous owner Martin Elliot, Steve King lead Lewes to a conference South title in 2008, however just a week after winning the trophy he was sacked in similiar fashion to being sacked after coming 2nd in the same competition with Farnborough.

Worth the risk? Not for Farnborough...
This has lead to worry amongst Lewes fans that if King were to come back to the club, would he put the future of the club at risk once again? It has also put doubts in people's minds as to whether he has actually applied as if he has been sacked he would not have been aware of this until after applying for the Lewes job. However it is being reported that he knew of the sacking straight after the play off final defeat to Ebbsfleet.

Either way Lewes should find out the widely awaited decision on the next manager tommorow, ending days of speculation.

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