Saturday, 16 July 2011

Ayre sure that's ok?

Ethiad stadium
Liverpool's managing director has teamed up with Arsenal as both clubs question Manchester Citys new 10 year deal with Ethiad airways which will see Eastlands be re-named in a deal worth £400million.

The company is based in Dubai, the location of City's owner.The concern is that with the financial fair play rules coming in, the club has to spend within their means which aims to cut out clubs spending money hanks to ultra rich owners. However the worry is that Citys owner has just persuaded the company to put in this money in to City as it would mean they can spend it as they would technically be "spending within their means".

Ayre is questioning whether City may also own Ethiad airways and in which case "Uefa would have to act". Ethiad also sponser Man Citys shirt and they aid the training facilities. Any team that spends more money than they make will now be kicked out of Europe campetitions such as Uefa league and the Champions league, so the FA cup winners are being acused of finding loop holes to ensure they can still spend big money.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has already questioned the credibility of the rule and say that this City deal is a "risk to the rule".

In Man Citys argument they have catagorically denied having anything to do with Ethiad airways before the deal. They also claim that the figures are not accurate and that they will not be disclosing the real sum.

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