Monday, 11 July 2011


I feel that you viewers of this website deserve an explanation as o why the website has not been regualy kept up to date with news in the last week, the reason is, as I was away on a Wales camp week to help the year nines of my old secondary school, Chailey secondary school.

My week
I left on Sunday morning after arriving at the school at 10 past 10 in the morning and had a long trip at the front of the bus stopping off on the way at a service station just past Reading, on the journey I heard the news that Djocovic had won Wimbledon 3 sets to 1 against Nadal.

The week was a good one, staying at Llangorse lake just past Abergavenney. I did numerous activities such as: rambling, caving, canoeing, rock climbing, dingle run and kyaking. My particular favourite being the dingle run, a obsticl course through a river and I would reccomend anyone to go and stay in the area and try out the activities as they are all great.

While I have been gone I understand there has been some big news that I obviously missed, it would be much appreciated if anyone could comment some news on here to show what I have missed, thankyou :)

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