Thursday, 2 June 2011

Confirmation: Colbran Not Next Boss

The announcement as to te next manager of Lewes FC has been delayed for the fith time. It is now reported that the annoucement will be made on Saturday, over a week since were were supposed to know "at the latest".

However, it appears that a decision on the next Lewes boss has actually been made, however, the reason for the delay is that there are still papers to be signed and the board do not want to risk making a premature announcment.

New Redhill Boss
Today however, it emmeged that Simon Colbran, a known candidate and was in the top three of candidates has now taken the Redhill job which means that he has failed to get the Lewes job. This is a big announcment as it is now expected taht Steve King has been given the job but just needs to sign the contract which he couldn't do because he was away.

Howver, this is not set in stone as the job could also have been given to Danny Cullip or John Maggs who were both also rumoured to be inside the top three candidates.

Some Lewes fans are angry taht Steve King has been given "special treatment" in his application for the job because it is rumoured that he did not apply in time, but only applied after he was rejected the Braintree job. However these are rumours and some people suggest he did not apply for the Braintree job at all.

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