Thursday, 9 June 2011

Farnborough Full Time Club

Farnbrough FC have made the decision to go full time. They, along with Eastleigh are the first ever clubs at this step in the football tree to go full time. However, the decidion has not been made because of the clubs having lots of money and wanting to go up and up and up. Infact, in Farnbroughs case, next season they will be playing on a lower playing budget.

Farnboroughs new full time management team, Gary Haylock
The idea is that to compete with the leaders of the diviosn the clubs feel that they would be better off having full time players that are cheaper than full time players. But to do this the clubs will have to employ young players from the local area as older players need to earn enough to make a living if they are going to be playing football full time.

Farnborough have lost over 12 players because of their decision to go full time including Michael Jordan, Mcmahon and Smith all to Boreham Wood, Jay Conroy to Sutton, Barett to Havant, Steve Robinson, Gary Holloway, Dale Binns and Paul Booth have all left and are expected to sign for Lewes in the near future, Bubb to Aldershot and Ibe to Chelmsford including many more such as Jack King who are without clubs yet.

Histon tried the same thing in the Conference Premier last season, and they ended up relegated however Farnborough and Eastleigh believe they can make it work.

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