Thursday, 2 June 2011

Hughes Next To Go

On his way to Villa?
It is vastly known that premier league managers have a very short life span in charge of a club, but usually this is due to sackings, this time however, we have had to resignations in just a day. This time Fulham boss Mark Hughes resigned from Fulham following Gerard Houlliers resignation from Aston Villa because of health problems.

Mark Hughes took over the Fulham reigns from Roy Hodgson at the beggining of the season after he joined up with Liverpool, but a season on and he is now with West Brom, showing you the pressures of being a premier league club.

Mark Hughes decision to resign makes Fulham the fourth premier league team to have lost their manager come the end of the season this year.

Mark Hughes took Fulham on an impressive season, placing them inside the top ten, despite an early wobble with the club. Fulham also gained a place in Europe next season after finishing runners up to Chelsea in the fair play system, with Chelsea already having qualified for the Champions league.

Hughes was the first manager to  oversee th Manchester City's riches and he managed to bring in key players to the club such as Adebayor, Lescott and Tevez. However he was sacked as Manchester City boss after he failed to do any wonders with Manchester City, failing even to get them in to Europe. However, the players were not happy when he left and there is still speculation that Mancini is still not a particulaly liked figure in the dressing room, however it has improved since he got the club FA cup success and a 3rd place finish meaning automatic qualification for the Champions league.

There has been a lot of speculation that Hughes will take over as the next Aston Villa boss, who are also rumoured to want sacked Chelsea manager Carlo Anccelotti. However Villa and Hughes deny talking to each other. Hughes claims that the only reason he has left it because he wants to improve and go on to bigger things:

"As a young, ambitious manager I wish to move on to further my experiences," he said.
"I believe my management team and I have done a good job and the club has a strong foundation from which they can go forward.
"I would also like to take this opportunity to clarify that neither myself nor my representative have approached or have been approached by another club.

He denied speculation that anyone at all had spoken to him: "This decision to leave Fulham has not been influenced by any outside party."

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