Monday, 13 June 2011

Worms Back At Lewes

Back at the Pan

Simon Wormull has joined Lewes FC for the third time in his career, as Kings first signing, this time however, he will be the youth team manager. Wormull wa in the Lewes squad that won the conference South in 2008 under the management of Steve King.

Wormull then joined Eastbourne Borough, Lewes's rivals before signing for Farnborough, back under King's managment he was part of the squad that won the Ryman Premier in 2010. After this season Wormull resigned for Lewes at the beggining of last season with Ibbo as manager and graced himself scoring a delightful goal from the half way line and another fantastic free-kick, quickly rising to the top of Lewes scorers.

However, Tim O'Shea decided to release Wormull not long after he turned up due to fitness problems. Wormull then moved to Three Bridges FC but was still a regular spectator at Lewes throughout last season.

It is known that Wormull applied for the Lewes job this year but was beaten to the job by his former manager Steve King. King has now appointed him as the youth manager. Wormull retired from playing football at the end of last season due to a career ending injury.

King said: "I've brought him on board because I think he's a great example to kids of how to play the game. His coaching style will mirror that of the first team. In fact, he'll also be working with the first team so that we can have really close links between the two sides."

Wormull takes over from Chris Rivers who resigned at the end of the season and fans are welcoming him back to the club with loving arms. 

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