Thursday, 9 June 2011

O'Shea After Hayes Job

Give me a job?
Tim O'Shea is not giving up football management without a fight, after being fired by Lewes he then tried his luck to get the Farnborough job which failed as they decided to take on the man who left Conference Premier club Hayes and Yeading, Gary Haylock. However it has now emmerged that Tim O'Shea has applied for the Hayes job, a club in the conference Premier, a league above the Conference south where Tim lead Lewes to relegation.

O'Shea was not particulalry a fan faveroute during his time at Lewes after using 65 players during the course of one season. If he were to get the Hayes job then it would be an odd decision and if he takes his usual players with him, surely they would not be up to it considering they couldn't save Lewes from relegation.

However O'Shea is keen to get back in to management and feels that he could do a good job with Hayes. He did also have a successful spell managing Croydon until he decided to leave when it emmerged that the money was coming from a illegal cricket scam.

It is belived that Tim needs money to do well and it is believed that Hayes do not have much of the M word. However, O'Shea is not the only man in the running for the job, ex-hammer Julian Dicks is also going for it.

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